March 27, 2007

The inexhaustible Bertall

Albert d'Arnoux alias Bertall (1820-1883) was a caricaturist, an illustrator, a writer, a photographer and a prolific artist. Disciple of the atelier of Drolling, Bertall begins his career illustrating popular novels known as novels « à 4 sous ». In 1843, Bertall, lover of Balzac work from which he picked his pen name, offers his services to Furne who publishes La Comédie Humaine. Balzac, who likes the style and talent of Bertall, asks his editor to give him more work. After that, Bertall cooperates with Gavarni at the illustration of Le Diable à Paris (1844-1845). He also illustrates Les Petites misères de la vie conjugale in 1845-1846 with the advices of Balzac. In the years 1860-1870, Bertall publishes his own texts with the Hachette editor. Interested in photography, he works with Hyppolite Bayard. He becomes a famous portraitist. One if his well known cliché is the portrait of Victor Hugo.

Currently, la librairie Loliée can show you :
  • Balzac - Bertall - Petites Misères de la Vie Conjugale. Paris, chez Chendowski, s.d. (1845), in-8, bound by Mercier. Firts illustrated edition with 50 plate engravings and 310 drawings in the text.
Illustrations : a chopped initial composed for the sell flier of Petites Misères de la Vie Conjugale, an engraving selected from this same book.
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March 15, 2007

Danse macabre by Hermann-Paul

In this book published in 1919, Hermann-Paul, french illustrator, makes his danse macabre. He points the blackness, weakness and haughtiness of human nature in ten wood engravings. "The Courtesan", "The Game", "Alcohol", "The Doctrine"... Each sketch reveals how the post WWI society has difficulties to get about his scars and deceases, tries to have fun with an hard-pushed smile.

Currently, the Librairie Loliée can show you :
  • HERMANN-PAUL - La Danse Macabre. Paris, Léon Pichon, 1919, in-8.

March 09, 2007

Graphismes according to Laboureur

Jean-Emile Laboureur, with no doubt, was one of the most prolific illustrator of his generation. He left his mark on the period between WWI and WWII, with a style which combines the simpleness of the line to a delicate and a bright expression.

Graphismes, made up of 10 engravings, is a book meant for the pleasure of the eye. Each engraving, titled, is preceded by a comment selected from a well or unwell-known text. This work, humourous, reflects the refreshing lightness of the thirties.

Currently, the Librairie Loliée can show you :
  • Laboureur- Graphisme, Paris, Aux dépend de l'Auteur, 1931, in-4.

March 01, 2007

A Los Toros with Picasso

In this book, published in 1961, Sabartès, a spanish poet who was for a long time the secretary of Picasso, returns a homage to the painter and to his love of bullfighting. The text is intersected with various reproductions which allow the reader to better understand background and technique of the Master.

Picasso realized especially for this work four lithographies, with one, splendid, in 24 colors.

Currently, you can find at the Librairie Loliée :
  • Picasso - Sabartès A Los Toros, Monte-Carlos, André Sautet, 1961, in-4 oblong, cover and assembly illustrated, binding of the editor.