July 30, 2007

Annual closing

Dear readers,
The bookshop will be closed from July, 31 to September, 2.
See you for the reopening.

July 20, 2007

Visages by Sartre, illustrated by Wols

"Le malheur c'est que je ne vois pas mon visage - ou du moins, pas d'abord. Je le porte au devant de moi comme une confidence que j'ignore et ce sont, au contraire, les autres visages qui m'apprennent le mien. "
In this short text, Jean-Paul Sartre speaks about faces, switching masks, primitive expression of oneself's singularity remodeled by others looks.
Wols completes Sartre's analysis by four drawings, four fragmented faces.
The combination between Sartre and Wols works seems obvious and natural in this not known enough book.

Currently, the librairie Loliée can offer :
  • Sartre - Wols. Visages. Précédé de Portraits Officiels. Paris, Seghers, 1948, in-12. 4 Pointes sèches de Wols. Copy on Marais paper.

July 09, 2007

Albert Dupont, to the letter

Albert Dupont, born in october 1951 in Hanoï, defines himself as an explorer of the "Art-Rebus", of the "Sens-Script" (wordplay on Sanskrit and "Meaning-script"). Sculptures, paintings, engravings... His work digs the language's poetic, dissects and resets words with humor and humbleness.

After literary studies, Albert Dupont starts engraving during his collaboration with Georges Visat, publisher of the Surrealists. He becomes friend with the painter Matta and meets with Isidore Isou, theorist of Creativity. He joins then the Lettrism and conducts the same named revue. In 1976, he creates another revue, La Novation, and collaborates to the creation of the Internationnal Association of the Letter and the Sign.
His referrals go to artists an poets as Rimbaud, Baudelaire, Breton, Duchamp, Guy Debord... people bending to a "fou-rieuse" (wordplay on mad and wild) revolution.

The Librairie Loliée offers a lasting selection of Albert Dupont's engravings.