February 17, 2010

Pleasant illustrations by Mister Boucher

Born in Chartres, Lucien Boucher (1889-1971) studies at the School of Ceramics in Sèvres and makes his debut as a cartoonist for the magazine Le Rire. He also works for the magazine Fantasio. After the First World War, he participates in the revival of the illustrated book by working for the publisher Marcel Seheur. Thus appears La Batrachomyomachie (1920) or Boutiques de la Foire (1926) by Pierre Mac Orlan, author for whom he illustrates many first editions. He pursues a parallel career as a poster for the film and fashion industry. He is known for his long collaboration with Air France, a company for which he produces posters and world maps.
Thick lines, simplified shapes, contrasting colours : the style of Lucien Boucher is typical of that of the interwar.

Currently, the librairie Loliée offers :
  • [Boucher (Lucien)] - Homère. La Batrachomyomachie. Poème attribué à Homère. Translaté du grec en français par Mario Meunier, orné de bois gravés par Lucien Boucher. Paris, Chez Marcel Seheur, 1920, in-8, covers. Limited to 525 copies. One of the 100 coloured up copies , with originals wood engravings by Lucien Boucher with a suite in black on Holland paper.
  • [Boucher (Lucien)] - Mac Orlan (Pierre). Boutiques de la Foire. Paris, Marcel Seheur, 1926, small in-4, , covers. First edition with 37 original lithographs in colours by Lucien Boucher. Limited to 516 copies. One of the 500 copies on Arches paper.

February 05, 2010

The outrageous Roger Peyrefitte

Formed by the Jesuits, Roger Peyrefitte (1907-2000) integrates the free school of political sciences. In 1930, he is appointed secretary to the ambassador in Athens before being recalled to Paris in 1938, following an incident with the young protégé of a Greek admiral. He resigns in 1940 but resumes his duties in Paris in 1943. The publication in 1944 of his first novel, Les Amitiés particulières, gives him immediate fame, crowned by the Prix Renaudot. The story chronicles the journey of George, a young boy who joined a Jesuit school in Languedoc, where he lives a love story with a comrade. The sulphurous reputation gained with this book marks the end of Roger Peyrefitte's diplomatic career. He becomes then a full-time writer and publishes an important work, including an important biography of Alexander the Great. With André Gide, he is one of the few authors to talk about homosexuality, denouncing with irony and sophistication, the hypocrisies of the society in which he evolved.
(source : wikipédia)

Currently, the librairie Loliée offers :
  • Les Amitiés particulières. Marseille, Vigneau, 1943, in-4. First edition. One of the 200 copies on Johannot vellum paper with a dedication from the author to Madame Marthe Peyrony.
  • La Mort d’une mère. Paris, Flammarion, 1950, in-8, full levant binding by Bellavée . First edition. One of the 30 first copies on Lana paper with a long dedication from the author to his "dear Marie-Françoise".
  • Chevaliers de Malte. Paris, Flammarion, 1957, in-12. First edition. Oneof the 100 first copies sur on Marais paper.
  • L’Enfant Amour. Paris, Flammarion, 1969, in-8. First edition. A copy on Madagascar vellum paper..