February 15, 2012

Jean-Pierre Bréchet : Furrows and Compositions

Born in 1954 in a small town of the French region Poitou, Jean-Pierre Bréchet, teacher, has always  been painting. He enlisted in the abstraction in the early 90s, with a first work on forms inspired by nature and trees. Since ten years, the painter works on a series called "Furrows and Compositions." In a book published in 2010, which explains this pictorial process of Bréchet, the writer and sculptorr  Pierre Bergounioux wrote : 
Jean-Pierre Brechet aligns more or less crude, approximately parallel strokes with a painful and awkward care, and it moves us immediately [...] And with just a glance the viewer can be sure these paintings made of an elementary, repetitive, somewhat laborious pattern express accurately, powerfully, the human action by excellence, which is to distinguish.
Currently and till the 29th of February, the bookshop offers an exhibition presenting various paintings of the artist.

Ecritures, 2010 - Acrylique sur toile 146x114 cm / Sillons, 2009 - acrylique sur toile 146x114 cm

February 03, 2012

maurice Henry : a surrealist air in cartoons

Maurice Henry (1907-1984) had many skills (poet, painter, filmmaker) but the one we are interested in is those of cartoonist. He publishdd more than 25 000 cartoons. One can fell in his satirical work the influence of Surrealism, movement he joined in  1933. There, a short selection :

Currently, the librairie Loliée offers books with Maurice Henry illustrations :
  • Maurice Henri.1930-1960. Paris, Jean-Jacques Pauvert, 1961, in-12 carré, jaquette. Edition originale.
  • Vive la fuite. Paris, Pierre Horay collection "cartoons", 1958, in-12, couverture illustrée. Edition originale.
  • [Henry (Mautice)] - Gatérat (Pierre). Vade-mecum du petit homme d'état. Paris, Seuil, 1952, in-12, jaquette illustrée. Edition originale ornée d'illustration en couleurs de Maurice Henry.