June 12, 2007


As it is written in the frontispiece from the specimen issue, the revue L’Image "created in 1896, is published by the French Corparate Society of Wood Engravers, for the preservation of an art of which devices intend to disappear. ”
Released from december 1896 to december 1897, this revue reflects a pivotal period, the end of the century, marked by an artistic and decorative renewal. Each text or poem is framed by vegetal elements or figurative scenes. Artists as Mucha, Georges de Feure, Pissaro and many others took part in this project. The quaint approach consists in the will to make of a commun revue a work of art, to break the limits between writers, poets, and decorative artists. Each issue offers various illustrations in black and white or in colors, an extraordinary variety of arabesques, frames, lettrines and finials.
L’Image constitutes a new step in the decorative renascence typical of the nineteen century. (source : http://mapage.noos.fr/bellerydesfontaines/l_image.htm)

Currently, the librairie Loliée can offer :
  • L'Image. Literary and artistic revue decorated with wood engravings. Paris, Floury, 1896, december 1896 to december 1897, 12 issues plus a specimen issue, bound in one volume in-4, illustrated cover. Each issue is complete of the delivery covers.