June 28, 2007

Moliere's work

The first and collective edition of Moliere is published in 1682, nine year after the writer's death. «With the tactful help of Armande Béjart, Moliere's widow, the actor La Grange took care of the company's subsistence. Armande gave him all the manuscripts unpublished of the plays and, with the collaboration of Vivot, a theater lover and a personal friend of Moliere, he devolved to posterity all the work of the deceased master.» (in En Français dans le texte, n°119).
This edition, in regard of a first collection of Les Oeuvres de Monsieur de Molière published in 1674-1675, contains six original plays : Don Garcie de Navarre, L’Impromptu de Versailles, Dom Juan, Mélicerte, Les Amans magnifiques, La Comtesse d’Escarbagnas.
Considered as a Major piece, this edition, rare in a binding at this time, can usually be found in binding of the 19th century.

Currently, the librairie Loliée can show you :
  • MOLIERE - Les Oeuvres. Reveües, corrigées & augmentées. Enrichies de Figures en Taille-douce. Paris, Denys Thierry, Claude Barbin et Pierre Trabouillet, 1682, 8 volumes in-12, binding by Lortic. Early edition of the 30 engravings by J. Sauvé.