September 21, 2007

Scanreigh, techniques and diversity

Initially inclined to the minimalist abstraction, Jean-Marie Scanreigh, teaching in the Art schools of Nimes, turns at the beginning of the Eighties to engraving and shows great interest for the techniques of editions. His pictorial work grows rich (collage, mixed substances). True devourer of techniques, he does not cease producing. His engraved work counts 150 books and not less than one thousand of prints, woods, linos, etchings...

“[...] Assemblings, puzzles, palimpsests are privileged devices for me : I always need a precondition to work.
For long time it was wreinkled backgrounds, today it is a special collage of my own prints and pages of artist's books. I reinvent a rupestral wall with wrecked surfaces which are as many challenges to take up or to exploit."
J.M. Scanreigh

La Librairie Loliée offers a permanent selection of drawings of the artist.

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