October 16, 2007

Char and the world of art

René Char, poet and resistant, releases in 1946 his Feuillets d'Hypnos, a personal journal written during the Second World War when he was fighting in the ranks of the F.F.C. He carries on publications and expands his audience when, with the help of his friend Albert Camus, he joins up with the editor Gallimard. Provençal by birth and by taste - Char never leaves this area where he receives his friends and works his texts. The 50s and the 60s signal the collaboration of Char with painters and show his work on the reflectivity between poetry and painting. His meeting with Braque is essential. Braque is the painter that allows Char to embody his language other than by words. The two men cooperate on the issue of Le Soleil des Eaux (1949), La Bibliothèque est en feu (1956) and Lettera Amorosa (1963).

La Bibliothèque est en feu (which was first a coded message from the Resistance to announce a parachuting) is a first edition published in 1956 by Broder. The book shows the work of reciprocity between Char and Braque. The text is preceded by an etching, the flight of five birds that stand out with a blue background. The take off by Braque and his forewarning birds reverberates the poetic take off by Char.

After the death of Braque, Char continues his approach of intercreativity with Giacometti, Vieira da Silva, Miro, Zao Wou Ki. Char makes a tribute to painting in Le Monde de l'Art n'ets pas le Monde du Pardon, first edition of selected texts and illustrated with six engravings signed by contemporary painters and friends of Char.
(source : http://www.gallimard.fr/catalog/Html/actu/char-jours.htm)

Currently, the Librairie Loliée can offer :
  • Braque (Georges) - Char (René) - La Bibliothèque est en feu. Paris, Broder, 1956, small in-4, broché, case by the editor . First edition with an original etching by Braque. Limited edition at 120 copies signed by the autor and the artist. This one includes two more etchings signed by Braque.
  • Char (René) - Le Monde de l'art n'est pas le monde du pardon. (Paris), Maeght (1974), in-folio, in leaves, case by the editor. First edition with numerous illustrations in black and colors. Limited edition at 100 copies, signed by René Char and including 6 original engravings by Charbonnier, Wifredo Lam, Miro, Szenes, Vieira da Silva, Zao Wou Ki, signed by the artists.