November 07, 2007

literature according to Gus Bofa

In 1923, Gus Bofa, illustrator of 20's and 30's, published under the leadership of his friend Roland Dorgelès who wrote the preface, a book of colored drawings : Literary and extra-literary Synthesis. In a warning, Bofa says humorously:
"This elliptical title, although it has a sense, is quite incorrect for the drawings that it announces. A more complete title would have been: Synthesis, Analysis, Exegesis, Prosthetics, Antithesis, Diathesis, Synopsis, Symbols, Parabola, Impressions, literary Expressions and Entertainment. "
Gus Bofa illustrates, in 40 printings, some of the more important names of literature : Proust, Dickens, Maupassant, Zola, etc.

Currently, the librairie Loliée can offer, for Gus Bofa's books :
  • Synthèses littéraires et extra littéraires. Présentées par Roland Dorgèles. Paris, Éditions Mornay, 1923, in-8. First edition. 40 colored drawings of literature author's portraits by Gus Bofa. Copie on White Vergé paper.
  • Le Cirque. Ving-quatre dessins gravés sur bois par Gus-Bofa. Préface de Pierre Mac-Orlan. Paris, Éditions de la Renaissance du Livre, s.d. [1923], in-8. 24 wood engravings by Gus-Bofa.