November 28, 2007

Motherhood by M. Arland, illustrated by M. Chagall

"One of the first days of this year, we discovered in a village in East, Chenevière, the body of a newborn baby, of whom we could not knew if death, which took place two years ago, had been naturally. A young woman was immediately charged (...) Since I learned of the fault she was taxed with, her image did not leave me. I try to tell her story. "
This mystery opens Motherhood, a little-known text by Marcel Arland but estimated by book lovers in its edition of 1926. The volume includes 5 original engravings by Marc Chagall, entitled "Shame", "Birth", "Brawl", "Couple in bed", "Visit by the window." There are quite representative of the delicate grace of the painter, especially in the drawing of this couple of lovers seized under the duvet.

Currently, the librairie Loliée can offer :
  • Chagall- Arland (Marcel). Maternité. Paris, Au Sans Pareil, 1926, in-8 . Edition illustrated with five original engravings by Marc Chagall. Copy on Lafuma paper.