December 12, 2007

Parler seul (Speaking alone) : A dialog between Tzara and Miro

Periodically felt out with André Breton about the role of art and literature in society, Tristan Tzara preaches, since the beginning of the Spanish Civil War, a poetry increasingly militant. He takes position, with Aragon, against fascism and, in 1937, he joins the Committee for the Defence of the Spanish culture. Under the Occupation, Tzara helps the activities of Resistance and, in 1947, he joined the Communist Party.

Established post-war in south of France, Tzara contributes to the revival of Occitan studies. Parler seul, published in 1950, reflects this period and the willingness of the author to make a "poetry in action." Rather than define a preliminary iconographic corpus, Tzara prefers to give carte blanche to the artist. The book, illustrated with 72 black & white and coloured lithographs by Joan Miro, reflects this freedom of dialogue between poetic text and icon. (sources : -

Currently, the librairie Loliée offers :
  • MIRO (Joan) - Tzara (Tristan). Parler seul. Paris, Maeght, 1948, in leaves, illustrated covers, editor wrappers. First edition illustrated with 72 black and coloured lithographs by Joan Miro. Limited edition to 253 copies signed by both Miro and Tzara.