September 30, 2009

Albert Marquet's last print

"By an accurate use of tones and values, by a genuineness use of connections and effects without equal today, Marquet substitutes the simplicity, purity, authority of his vision to our own vision in idyllic and sprawling places where fantasy took him from the Atlantic to the Black Sea, the North Cape to the Sahara " wrote Georges Besson in the preface of the album Albert Marquet, ten original prints. This book, sixth of the series "The Master of the Contemporary French Print, is published by Rombaldi in May 1947. The painter died shortly after. Of the ten prints available, nine are signed by the artist. As explained in the leaf joined to the first edition, the third print, entitled "Children on the beach", probably the last he realized, was not completed when death occurred to the artist.

Currently, the librairie Loliée offers :
  • Albert Marquet. Dix estampes originales présentées par George Besson. Paris, Rombaldi, collection « Les Maîtres de l’estampe française contemporaine », 1947, in-folio, covers, red publisher's folder. Album with 10 original prints, one heading and a tailpiece by Albert Marquet. Limited to 100 copies on Lana vellum paper and few personal copies.