November 05, 2009

Poetical pluralism of Jorge Camacho

Cuban painter, born in 1934, Jorge Camacho studied law till 1952 when he decided to devote himself to painting. He travelled to Mexico in the 50s with the painter Jose Luis Cuevas and is interested in Mayan culture. In 1959, he moved to Paris where he met André Breton. He joined the Surrealist group and in 1965, participated at the XI International Exhibition of Surrealism. He became a close friend of Henri Michaux and Joyce Mansour. In 1967, he exhibited at the Salon de Mai in Havana organized by Wifredo Lam, also Cuban. From 1968 he became interested in studying the science of alchemy, the Cabala, shamanism. Curious about everything, collector of "primitive art" Jorge Camacho fuels his art by drawing from various cultures and artistic creations: jazz, Andalusian music, French and Haitian poetry, photography. He lives and works between Paris and Andalusia since 1975.
(sources: wikipedia, maison de l'amérique latine)

Currently, the librairie Loliée offers :
  • [Camacho (Jorge)] - Bedouin (Jean-Louis). Libre Espace. Paris, Seghers, 1967, in-8, in leaves. First Edition. One of the 66 first copies on Holland paper with an orginal engraving numbered and signed by Camacho.
  • [Camacho (Jorge)] - Mansour (Joyce). Faire signe au Machiniste. Couverture et Illustrations de Jorge Camacho. Paris, Le Soleil Noir, 1977, in-8. First edition illustrated in black by Camacho. Copy on vellum paper.
  • [Camacho (Jorge)] - Canseliet (Eugène). L’Hermétisme dans la vie de Swift et dans ses voyages. Illustré par Jorge Camacho. Montpellier, Fata Morgana, 1983, in-12. First edition. Copy on "verger teinté" paper.