January 28, 2010

Picabia dada

Women Men
A country ambitious
Of sovereignty
I like that one bends eyes
of troubles
Especially in the sea chest
But I tell disinterested lies
It's almost the same thing
The truth of the soul
Is the great cowardice of academic pride
My eyes in your eyes
I'm happy
In my isolated loneliness

Picabia (1879-1953) - Poem and reproduction quote from
Poèmes et dessins de la fille née sans mère.

Currently the librairie Loliée offers :
  • Jésus-Christ Rastaquouère. Dessins par Ribemont-Dessaignes. S.l. (Paris), Collection Dada, s.d., in-8. First edition. This copy contains a dedication from the author to Pierre Birot, director of the artistic revue SIC.
  • Poèmes et dessins de la fille née sans mère. 18 dessins - 51 poèmes. Lausanne, Imprimeries Réunies S.A., 1918, in-8. Rare first edition.
  • Laissez déborder le hasard. Gravure de Gianni Bertini. S.l., P.A.B., s.d., in-4, in leaves. First edition of this poem illstrated with an original engraving by Gianni Bertini. Limited to 29 copies, this one signed by the publisher P.A.B. and designed to Michel Perrin.
  • Oui Non. S.l., P.A.B.,1953, in-16, brochée. First edition. Limited to 111 copies numbered and signed by the publisher P.A.B.
  • [PICABIA (Francis)]. Francis Picabia 1879-1954. S.l., Orbes, 1955, in-8, in leaves. Not for sale booklet published in tribute to Picabia. Limited to 191 copies on Auvergne paper. Texts and reproduced drawings by Jean Arp, P.-A. Benoît, Camille Bryen, Marcel Duchamp, Bernard Fricker, Jean Van Heeckeren, George Isarlo, Jacques-Henri Lésveque, Man Ray, Pierre de Massot, Michel Perrin, H. Saint-Maurice.