January 06, 2011

50 engravings by Zwy Milshtein

Unknown to the general public, Zwy Milshtein is a painter, engraver and writer who, aged more than 75 years old, has produced an abundant and amazing work . Born in 1934 in Moldova, Milshtein moved to Israel in 1947 with her mother and brother, then moved to Paris in 1956 after getting a scholarship. "I consider my painting as a expressionist painting with the influence of masters such as Bosch, Brueghel, Goya and Soutine" he says.
Our bookshop offers, in a binding by Jean-Paul Miguet, a set of 50 engravings in black, mounted on tabs, each numbered and signed by the artist. Most of those representing faces or figures with an urban background.
To See : the Artist's website.

Currently,  the librairie loliée offers :
  • MILSHTEIN (Zwy). 50 gravures. In-16, 50 engravings mounted on tabs, binding in full old rose morocco with folder and case  (J.P. Miguet). Unique isssue bringin together 50 engravings all signed and numbered by Milshtein.