February 03, 2011

Di Rosa is free, says Ben

Hervé Di Rosa, born in Sète in 1959, was with his brother Richard Di Rosa, François Boisrond, Rémi Blanchard and Robert Combas one of the investigators of the french "Figuration Libre", a pictural movement of the eighties, offering an inhibited work often inspired by comics, rock and graffiti. In a monograph, published in 1983 and limited to 120 copies, Ben wrote a preface in the spirit of that time :
Di Rosa is free
- to have en erection on Wednesday at 11:30
- to tell a art seller "move along boy, you are standing in light"
- to shout I'm rich after selling his first painting
- to imitate his imitators
- to pee on a wall gallery
- to rink a glass of milk with grenadine
- to say "I'm Mandrax and you will see what you will see"
- to love scary movies
- to live naked in a oil boiler room
But, Di Rosa is not free not to blush when a girl says to him
I love you

Currently, the la librairie Loliée offers : 

  • [DI ROSA (Hervé)]. Di Rosa. Préface de Ben. Photos Louis Jammes. Paris, Le Dernier Terrain Vague, 1983, in-4, publisher's canvas binding. First edition with a 8 paged book printed in serigraphs  enhanced with original drawings in color by Hervé Di Rosa. Limited to 120 copies numbered and signed by the artist.  
(source : wikipedia)