October 28, 2010

New York by Arrabal

In 1973, Balland Editions published a photography book in which Arrabal provided some snapshots from a trip to New York. The result : 55 pictures with comments by the artist and a travelog by way of introduction. Quote :
Allen Ginsberg calls me out in the street. After ten years without getting in touch, I hardly recognize him. He takes me to his apartment on the 11th Street, in the poorest sector of the Puerto Rican neighborhood. Tea boils in a dented pan and he serves it in glasses which aspire to become coffee's ashtrays. He tells me about his trip to India and corpses that are cremated near the Ganges. When we go out into the street children shout : "Es el profeta!"
God became crazy and thought he was a motobike and then he created man in his image

What? Beckett himself around the corner ! Yes, New York is marvellous !

Currently, the librairie Loliée offers :
  • Arrabal. Le New York d’Arrabal. Paris, Balland, 1973, quadrate in-8, illustrated cover. First Edition with 55 black and white reproductions of Arrabal's pictures, each commented.
  • Arrabal. Les Arrabeaux d’Avignon. Caprices Cannibales. Avignon, Médiathèque Ceccano, 1994, in-16, covers. First edition with 3 original poems by Arrabal. Catalogue published for a Arrabal's exhibition in the city of Avignon.