October 21, 2010

Fautrier / Zadkine : two visions of Ganzo's poem, Lespugue

The poetry of Robert Ganzo (1898-1995), classical in its form and modern in its intensity and clarity, has inspired many painters. Lespugue, the poet's second collection released in 1940, was first illustrated by Jean Fautrier and published in 1942 with lithographs printed by Mourlot Brothers. The woman the painter imagined is all curves and bends, evoking the Venus of Lespugue after which Ganzo named his collection. In 1966, Ossip Zadkine gave us a more cubist, torned vision of the poem.
(To consult: the article by Pierre Assouline on his blog La République des Livres)

Currently, the librairie Loliée offers :
  • Fautrier (Jean) - Ganzo (Robert). Lespugue. Avec 11 lithographies originales de Jean Fautrier. S.l. (Paris), s.n.é., 1942, in-4 oblong, in leaves, covers. Edition illustrated with 11 original lithographs by Jean Fautrier. Limited to 123 copies signed by the author and the artist. One of the 90 copies on China paper.
  • Zadkine (Ossip) - Ganzo (Robert). Lespugue. Illustré par Ossip Zadkine. Paris, Marcel Sautier, 1966, in-8, in leaves, covers, wood case by binder Antonio Perez-Noriega. Edition illustrated with 6 full-page original etchings by Zadkine. Limited to 200 copies signed by the author and the artist. One of the 19 copues on pearly Japan paper with a double suite of the etchings on pearly Japan paper, each print signed by the artist. Copy with a double dedication by the author (dated 1966 and 1979) and a dedication by the artist. JOINED : Ganzo (Robert). Lespugue. S.l.n.é, 1940, in-12, in leaves, covers. First edition with a frontispiece by J. Thomas made after the statuette of Lespugue. One of the first 100 copies on old Japan paper, with a second state of the frontispiece and a dedication by the author to the bookdealer Marx Delattre.