July 16, 2009

Le Yaouanc 's equilibrium of frame forms

"Not only in the present context, but in his collages for example, Le Yaouanc sometimes contrives things so that the centring of the image, the margins imposed, the placing of the thing painted or engraved or pasted, assume a predominant importance in relation to the given motif which is not allotted all the workable space of the canvas, the collage, the engraving. The painter assumes the role of framer, here, by situating the motif (the statement) in, for example, a rectangle or an oval described on what might be considered the essential element of the work, so adding to the equilibrium of the composition or drawing a sort of suspension - sometimes in the middle, sometimes not - comprising tinted margins that seem to represent a positive accumulation of frames around the still-life that is indeed far from being "still" : a better description of this effect would be the equilibrium of framed forms ."
Louis Aragon - "Pierre sur Pierre" in Le Yaouanc Lithographies - La Pierre d'Angle - 1975

Currently, the librairie loliée offers :
  • Le Yaouanc (Alain) – Aragon (Louis). Le Yaouanc Lithographies. Paris, La Pierre d’Angle, 1975, in-folio, in leaves, black publisher's folder. First edition of « Pierre sur Pierre », a text by Aragon who interprets this album composed of 63 color lithographs by Alain Le Yaouanc. One of the 150 copies on Arches paper numbered and signed by Louis Aragon and Alain Le Yaouanc, and including an original lithograph numbered and signed by the artist.
  • Derrière le Miroir. Le Yaouanc. Paris, Maeght, n°176 – 1970, in-4, in leaves, illustrated cover, publisher's case. Issue released for LE Yaouanc's exhibition at the Gallery Maeght. One of the 150 copies on Lana paper numbered and signed by the artist, including 8 original lithographs in color.