October 14, 2010

R. Pouyaud / C. Geofrray : encounter at Moly-Sabata

Moly-Sabata is an artist colony founded by Albert Gleizes (1881-1953) and his wife Juliette Roche in 1927, on the banks of the river Rhône, in the district of Sablons. Robert Pouyaud (1901-1970), one of the first students of the cubist painter, moved with his wife in the region and help Gleizes to rehabilitate a former convent, first rented and then bought in 1938, that became a place of refuge and creation for the protesters who wanted to escape the machinist society of that time. Among the residents most invested were the sculptor Anne Dangar (1886-1951), the composer César Geoffray (1901-1972). It is with the latter that Robert Pouyaud created and published Suite de sons et de couleurs pour piano (Collection of sounds and colors for piano). The 3 stencils that illustrate the book are typical of the Cubist style that favor plan, volumes, multiple points of view. Robert Pouyaud and his family left soon after the adventure and moved to the city of Asnières-sous-bois, in Burgundy. Moly-Sabata remains an artist residency that welcomes creators and writers.
(sources : moly-sabata.com, fondationgleizes.fr)

Currently, the librairie Loliée offers :
  • Pouyaud (R.) - Geoffray (C.). Suite de sons et de couleurs pour Piano. Moly-Sabata [résidence d'artistes d'Albert Gleizes, Isère], éditions Sablons, 1931, in-folio, covers. Piano score on velum paper with 3 original stencils in colors by R. Pouyaud, signed and dated 1931. Copy with a dedication by R. Pouyaud.